Yes – Painless forms has the strictest policies and processes in place to ensure HIPPA compliance and data security. You can read all about it on our HIPPA and Security page.
AppointmentForms.com is a domain acquired by Painless Forms to separate out this public website from the forms service which runs at AppointmentForms.com. You and your patients will login to your accounts at the AppointmentForms.com domain.
No. You get customized links for each group of forms that you can post to your website, send via email, or send via text message.
Probably. It depends on the practice management software you are using. Please go to your office login and click on the “Integration” link
Yes – reminders for both e-mail and text can be turned on or off
Yes – e-signatures are included in every plan and can be turned on or off
It takes about 1 week to setup your account, most of this time is spent customizing your forms.
We all have had the experience of an unprincipled vendor making it difficult to cancel a free trial or monthly service. We truly offer no contracts with an easy cancel. You can cancel your account from your office login, without even needing to pick up the phone.