We setup your existing forms and form groups and make them phone, tablet, and PC/Mac compatible in your own custom branded patient portal at the domain name. There is no software or app install for you or your patients.
You choose one or more methods to use to bring patients to the portal. Available methods include automatic e-mail invitations, automatic text message invitations, API integration, portal links on your existing website or even dedicated in-office tablets.
Patients fill out forms at their own pace at home, work or even while waiting for a friend at a lunch meeting. All work is instantly saved after each question is answered, and patients love intelligent forms where exact answers in form groups can cascade forward (example: date of birth on multiple forms) saving time and frustration.
Offices have the option to check progress, verify insurance information, can catch problems in advance of appointments.  Our code will also prevent patients from skipping questions you mark as required.  This saves everyone time and frustration, and also is helpful in limiting liability (for example, they system can be set to not allow patients to skip an “allergy” question).
No scanning required!  No illegible forms!  Just download the PDFs from your back-office and import the PDFs directly into your practice management software.  Your whole team will have access to the neat and complete forms.